Welcome to my writings hub! This area is where I will continue to post the small (or larger) writings I have worked on and feel should be public! Most of my writings either derive from two worlds I have created, one being that of a single ice dragon, and the other, being the world of Beviraku. Beviraku's world is the primary world for most of my writings, as there is a timeline.

In short, for Beviraku's realm, four dragons (or five), came into existence and decided to give life on a planet sentience. Beviraku was born as a hybrid between a dragon and a wolf, but later became his own original species. The realm was slowly built, and by Beviraku's death, it was highly civilized with many technologies! Lots of events occur, but this is the significant rundown.

Lone Brothers of The Wild Lands.docx

Lone Brothers on The Wild Lands

In this scene, Beviraku and A’Staterax meet at last. Beviraku, being one of those who still is helping the realm thrive and not fall, was called because A’Staterax was looking for entertainment. Typically, A’Staterax’s entertainment is malicious in nature and is conducted anonymously wearing a mask. (Medical).



In this scene, A’Staterax is in his higher education years, still somewhat os a trustworthy soul only to those who he values dearly. Throughout his life to that point, only few friends have touched his heart and reached in his inner circle. Though…from this specific scene, it will be shown, that, it may not be possible again.



In this scene, a little over millennia have passed since Beviraku’s birth, while half of millennia have passed since A’Staterax’s birth. Both feel their times and stories are coming to a close. They sit, watching the sunset, preparing to become one with the environment again.

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