Hi there! I am Beviraku Xentarex, a native and local to San Antonio, TX! Currently, I am in university studying to pursue a career in Cyber-Security! Hobbies I have are content creation, photography, and writing! (Feel free to visit the social media links on the social part of this website!)


Pre-2014, I managed to join Instagram as a mere youngling, searching my way throughout communities. The primary community that managed to drag me in was the Instadragons! A community of unique dragon characters that really all vibed together and were close friends! I chose to do something not unique, and join the Spyro subsection of the Instadragon community. There is where I found what furry was, a unique subculture and fandom of diverse peoples who come together under the interest of anthropomorphic animals!

In 2014, Beviraku was born. He was a mere gray wolf with hair and green eyes! The wonderful Bananabag (who I have lost contact unfortunately), created his first very art piece as per a request.

From there, Beviraku slowly evolved. As did I. From creating the LARGEST Furry Discord Server (The Furry Nexus, 2017) to establishing myself in the local furry community!


Since 2014, I have been growing and evolving as a person. Being part of the Furry Fandom has been a notable part of my life. The unique culture of this fandom and its overall, welcoming nature has kept me in it and supported me throughout these years. Being a furry has also given me the opportunity to lead others! In 2017, I created the Furry Nexus, which, after stepping down, grew to be the WORLD'S LARGEST Furry Discord Server! It was great leading and forming my own leadership style.

Currently, as of 2022, I am still evolving and changing, even as an adult. I am working to establish myself as a leader in this Furry Fandom. Two notable examples that I have enjoyed thus far are working as a "Project Manager of Outreach" for Alamo City Furry Invasion and being a San Antonio Furmeet Coordinator/Leader. Overall, these two opportunities that were given to me have granted me a whole world of opportunities to grow as a person and practice skills I wouldn't be able to practice otherwise.

Currently, I also do photography, getting to the point of photoshoots, videography for my YouTube channel, and writing for personal world-building of characters and expression of ideas.

Our Future

Honestly, the future terrifies me. Professionally, I want to pursue a career in Cyber-Security, possibly in the private sector if possible. (I do want to participate a purple-team hybrid role.) As for furry? I have no idea! I don't want to sound like a cliché furry and say "I want to become a Popufur ✨" because it's quite...a selfish dream and overall, quite centric on the idea that "Popufur" status will exist in the future.

Personally, my goal in this fandom is to rise to a role where I can make an impact and help others. Whether it is a convention chair, guest of honor, special guest, or something that is different, I want to make a positive impact on this fandom. Help others in need and value those who have stuck with me through these years, despite the negatives.

In summary, I want to make an impact and change. To have my name known throughout the fandom as something good rather than negative. Only then will I know that my time here in this fandom has been achieved.

Should anyone would want to nominate me as a Guest of Honor or Conchair, contact me! 👀