Beviraku Xentarex

Beviraku is a Blue Azentriex (custom species), that has MANY details. There is a story behind this wonderful character. See the writings page for details.

Beviraku represents that "ideal" or "golden" side of me, the creator.

A'Staterax Cientes

A'Staterax is a Waterbuck-Wolf that lives in the same realm as Beviraku. Both of them are complete opposites. (Beviraku is reserved, works to save others, and selfless. A'Staterax is quite extraverted, works to ruin things, and is selfish up into the point Beviraku saves him from himself. A'Staterax acts as that "negative side" of me, the creator. (A'Staterax has anxiety as I do I.)


Va'Dryxic is a blue, elder, ice elemental dragon. He is the offspring of two ancient dragons. Much like Beviraku, he is selfless and works to support anyone he meets! This "character" is something close to me, the creator, due to the nature of him being with me throughout the years. One could also say, that this "character" is more than that. Something...deeper.